Services provided

1. TEFL course recommendation

We work accredited organizations that can provide you with quality courses for the lowest prices possible that are accepted by the Chinese Visa Bureau.

2. Visa documents preparation guidance

The process of preparing documents and getting them authenticated can seem overwhelming when doing for the first time.  We help with every step of the process to get it done efficiently and cost effectively.

3. Legal Z visa assistance

We have a team of specialists here in China and abroad that will make sure your documents get sent to the right places on time, before and after you arrive.

4. Airport pickup
(if landing in HK, pickup at Huanggang Port, if landing in Shenzhen, pickup at Shenzhen airport)

Depending on where you are landing, we can provide guidance or pick up for when you first get to China.

5. Four free nights hotel provided

You can easily find and move into an apartment within your first week in China.  We will support you when you first arrive so you are comfortable while you find your new home.  We will also assist in finding a real estate agent or apartment for you.

6. Bank card / sim card setup

Within your first few days we will help you set up your bank account and get a phone plan so you never feel lost and have someone to contact.

7. Photo taking

You will need to take some photos for your visa and health exams, we can provide assistance with this.

8. Health check

Upon arriving in China within the first week you will need to take and pass a health examination, testing for major medical diseases and narcotics.  We will accompany or assist you in this simple process.

9. Apartment hunting and signing the lease contract with landlord

As mentioned above either us, or a local real estate agent will support you in finding an apartment and signing the year lease.  You will need 2 months of the rent as a damage deposit to put down ahead of time and also need to pay a fee for the real estate agent if applicable.

10. Police registration

Once you settle into your new home you need to register at the local district police office.  We can assist in finding this location and getting registered.

11. Work permit / residence permit application

The Z Visa gets you into China to work, within the first month you will apply for a residency permit so you can exit and re-enter China as you please. Go ESL China and your school will support you in this process.

12. Orientation

Go ESL China, along with your school, will provide resources to help you survive and thrive as a teacher.

13. Health insurance provided

All of our partners provide health insurance for their teachers, and if for some reason they don’t we will assist in finding you private insurance.  The Chinese medical system is modern and advanced as you would find in any other 1st world country.

14. Coordinate communication with school

All of our school partners speak English and have contact teachers.  Go ESL China will assist in communication with your school.

15. Coordinate communication with landlord

Go ESL China will help to the full extent of their capabilities with any issues that may arrive with your landlord or apartment throughout your year lease.

16. Advancement and partnerships

Go ESL China is always looking to build relationships with other companies, and teachers.  If teaching ESL in China becomes a life career path for you, we can help assist you taking this profession to the next level.

17. Assistance with Chinese language studies

Go ESL China has a large network of Mandarin teachers and resources for teachers looking to perfect their Chinese language skills while teaching in China.