Best cities to teach ESL in China


Shenzhen is one of the largest and definitely newest cities in China. It lies just above Hong Kong – less than an hour by train or metro and is located in Guangdong province in Southern China.

Just 40 years ago Shenzhen was a small border village of fisherman and had a population of 30,000 people. in 1979 it was declared a special economic zone open for foreign investment and in the last 40 years has grown to over 25 million people.

Shenzhen doesn’t have the ancient cultural heritage that other cities such as Beijing has, but it has a new culture all its own. A modern international culture. Everything is new in Shenzhen; buildings, the vibes and the people. Most people come from other provinces in China and foreign countries. There are plenty of expats, and the city is alive with activities. LONELY PLANET named Shenzhen the top city destination of 2018.

Shenzhen is safe, clean, and filled with green space. It is also known as the “The Silicon Valley of China” with its tech heavy industry. It also has some of the lowest pollution levels in all of China. Making it one of the most popular cities in China to Teach English in China.


Another up and coming city in China to teach English in Suzhou. Nicknamed “the Venice of China” for its many canals throughout the city. Suzhou. 40% of the city is covered in water, in fact!

Suzhou sits in the southern part of Jiangsu province and touched on the famous Yangtze River, China’s largest river and one of the largest rivers in the world. The city was built in 514 BC and has over 2,500 years of history. Its temperate year round climate, and low cost of living makes it a very desirable location for someone who doesn’t desire a large metropolis.

You get the best of both worlds, as Shanghai is a mere 30 minute bullet train ride away from Suzhou.


Beijing is China’s capital city and reknown for its mix of ancient culture and modern civilization. It’s one of China’s most populated cities and most visited for its natural world wonder; the Great Wall of China. The summer palace and Forbidden city are also UNESCO heritage sites worth seeing.

Beijing is a popular city to teach ESL in due to the large foreign community, the extensive ancient cultural attractions and beautiful landscape surrounding the city. It’s ‘not overly cold in the winter, and not intensely hot in summer’ temperature is also appealing to our teachers.

Thanks to Beijing’s large foreign community there is plenty of nightlife and events always happening throughout the large city. You’ll never find yourself without something to do.

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