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Can you become a millionaire ESL teacher?

can you become a millionaire teaching esl?

I bet you wouldn’t have imagined that you could create a 7 figure net worth just from teaching English in China. We at Go ESL China are here to show you how this is more than possible. And in much less time than you think. First off, it should be mentioned that while it is […]

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Can mature aged teachers find ESL jobs in China?

mature age esl teacher

Can mature aged teachers find ESL jobs in China? While the demographic of ESL teachers in China are generally younger.  New university graduates in their early to late 20’s, You can still make a career of teaching English in your 30’s and 40’s!  Do not feel discouraged to test your hand at teaching English as […]

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How to transfer your money home from China

Send money internationally from China English teachers in China make a great salary. Add in the low cost of living and even from working your main job you should be able to save 25-50% of your salary no problem. Since most teachers are able to stash away a nice nest egg, they are usually interested […]

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Watch your favorite movies TV shows in China with these streaming websites

streaming movies in china This website has many features such a news, articles, and also movies. There are many free Hollywood hits. There is also a paid version that I’m told is very affordable, something less than Netflix per month. Youku is similar to Iqiyi, but it also functions as a China’s version of youtube. Perfect for […]

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Must-Have apps for teaching and living in China in 2019 (Updated monthly)

must have apps in china

Mei tuan – 美团外卖 This app is the JustEat, SkipTheDishes, and Uber Eats of China. It’s all in Chinese so you will need the help of Chinese speaking friend but once it’s set up its incredibly easy to get food right to your door in 30 minutes. You’ll be surprised how cheap eating out is […]

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