Can mature aged teachers find ESL jobs in China?

Can mature aged teachers find ESL jobs in China?

While the demographic of ESL teachers in China are generally younger.  New university graduates in their early to late 20’s, You can still make a career of teaching English in your 30’s and 40’s!  Do not feel discouraged to test your hand at teaching English as a foreign language in China if you are older than 30.

Will I face age restrictions teaching in China?

Officially, if you meet the requirements for a work visa there is no age limit to teaching in China.  But with that in mind, many job postings advertise for someone to be under the age of 50, but they tend to take preference for teachers under the age of 40.  And there is a further preference for even younger teachers, especially in Kindergartens.  But many public schools, training centers and international schools have top teachers that are mature aged teachers.

Can I teach in China over the age of 60?

It’s possible!  The maximum age for teaching in tier 2 and 3 cities is 65.  But be prepared for a longer job search.  It would be beneficial if you are in country and connect with companies or schools in person.  If you look younger, or have a strong resume and can prove that you are able to meet the demands of the job, you may find positions willing to hire you!

How to land a job as an elderly teacher

The older you are, you may find slightly fewer jobs available to you.  But you can offset this by maintaining a strong resume.  Supplement your experience by teaching online, or volunteering in your country of residence before you come to China or apply for ESL jobs in China.  Getting more hours on your TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certifications can also help.  Of course, having or acquiring a teaching license in your home country or from a native English speaking country is also a huge leg up on the younger competition.

You could also look at smaller cities or tier 2 and 3 sized cities as mentioned above.  These areas will have a smaller pool of teachers to hire from and may be more willing to hire mature aged teachers.  The cost of living is much lower and you will find a more authentic experience in these cities!  Even tier 2 and 3 cities have decent sized expat communities.

Do men and women face the same age bias?

In China, mature men will have an easier time finding jobs in public schools and high school or university position.  Mature women will find an advantage in kindergarten and positions with much younger students.  Having bringing a youthful and energetic appearance to interview and in your introduction video can definitely help your chances.  Do not let this generalization stop you from applying and trying to land a job!

The benefit to being in country prior to hire

Companies and schools prefer hiring teachers of all ages that are already in country.  This is especially true for mature aged teachers.  Usually documents for visas can be done remotely and there are agencies within China that allow you to transfer from a visitors visa to a residency visa.

Advantages of senior age ESL teachers

It’s true many schools are looking for younger teachers, but do no let this discourage you.  All around the world age is a sign of wisdom and experience.  If you have the right certifications, experience and a position youthful attitude, then age is generally a small obstacle to overcome.

Public schools and training centers offer lower work loads than kindergartens and can offer a relaxed adventure for a new retirees, someone that’s in a financially free position, or even someone looking to build a nest egg in their later years.

If you have more questions as a mature aged teacher and want to begin your own adventure in China then please message the Go ESL China team directly and we can help you with a personalized search.

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