Why teach ESL in China?

There is a huge demand for university graduates from native English speaking countries to teach children, teenagers and adults English in China. Travel to an exotic land on the adventure of a lifetime, get paid extremely high salaries in even western terms, enjoy an elevated comfort of living, and take advantage of months of vacation time teaching ESL in China.


Salaries and cost of living

Salaries range from $2,000-$4,000 USD. But thanks to lower tax levels, abundances of side work and lower overall costs of living, our teachers are saving tens of thousands of dollars a month while still enjoying life and traveling in their vacation time.


Vacation time

Our public school partners offer up to 3 months of semi paid holidays per year. Imagine the travel potential. Our private and kindergarten locations generally offer nearly a month of paid vacation time as well. Beats the 2 week holiday structure in North America.


Relaxed work environment

Many of our public school teachers work less than 20 hours per week teaching, and the average is under 15 hours a week of actual teaching hours. This leaves plenty of time to upgrade your education with a Masters degree, start an online business, learn Chinese or begin to blog. Some simply choose to enjoy the peace and quiet and catch up on their favorite Netflix series.


Interested in teaching ESL in China?


Below is a process overview of how Go ESL China will help you from applying all the way until you are actually in China teaching.


Set yourself up for success in life

Teaching English in China provides not only an amazing life experience, the abilities to save serious money and travel to places that are far away in your home country. ESL is international work experience that will provide direct training in terms of management, culture sharing and more. Boost your resume and set yourself apart from the pack with ESL teaching experience. Mandarin Chinese is also one of the most spoken languages in the word. Take time while you are here to learn the native language and also gain further competitive career edge.


Here is what a few of our current teachers have to say about working with us, and allowing us to find them a position teaching ESL in China



Are you ready to begin the adventure of a lifetime, save tens of thousands of dollars and experience the wonders of China?